Oh, Baby!

We have exciting news from our Honduran friends!

Carlos & Wendy happily welcomed their third child into their lives on Nov. 23! Little Carla was born nearly 4 weeks early, but she & mommy are both doing well. We are so grateful to God for giving this wonderful couple the child they'd prayed for! Please pray for the family as they raise their 3 girls and struggle to make ends meet.

And Fernando & Jannina just wrote to tell us that they are expecting! We are so excited! Their oldest daughter, Janina Michell, will soon be 9, and little Gloria Kristine will be 2 in August. Each child has been a miracle baby, so this little one is both a surprise and a great blessing. Please pray that Jannina would be able to carry the baby to full term and that the baby would be born strong & healthy.

Looks like "Aunt Marcette" and "Uncle Henry" will have to make another trip to Honduras this year, doesn't it?