It's alive!

I did the unthinkable on Friday.  I spilled a full glass of ice water on my lap top!  I was working at the table, and I turned to see what Jordan was doing as I placed my glass on the coaster.  I know; multi-tasking isn’t always a good thing!  As you can imagined, I panicked, tried to dump the water off the computer, and called Henry at work right away.  As I waited for him to answer, the computer began sizzling (I kid you not!), and then the screen went black.  I’d killed my computer!  I felt awful.


But, there are advantages to having an IT Director in the family!  After the lap top had dried, Henry was able to get it to boot; he’d resurrected it!  It was looking like the computer itself was okay, but the keyboard was shot.  He brought a “dead” and abandoned lap top home from the office, put that computer’s battery & keyboard in mine, and, marvel of marvels, it began working as good as new!


Now you know why I married a computer geek.  (Ha ha!)