Beach Vacation - Pacific Side


We just got back from a few days on the Pacific coast near the town of Tamarindo. The area is a lot different in look and feel from the Caribbean coast as it's a lot dryer (read "brown") and there are a lot more tourists. Given that, the beaches were beautiful and we enjoyed a wonderful time with the whole family plus one: Meghan's boyfriend, Marius. Marius joined us for spring break and was thilled that he was finally warm!!

See the slideshow on the right for more pictures.

Following in Mother's Footsteps


I know that it's probably not a challenge, but can you guess which combination of daughter-shoes this is? Yep, it's Jordan. She has this thing for walking around in her mother's shoes and today she wanted a picture of her feet in the shoes.

A nice smile from Jordan


I was playing with the camera on my phone and Jordan actually wanted her picture taken! (Normally she won't pose because she's too interested in seeing the outcome)

This one turned out nicely,