Ancient China Food


When Jordan and I were playing with her dollhouse this afternoon, she made the Mom ask the Daughter if she wanted a snack.  “Sure,” I made the little girl reply, “What kind of snack do we have?”  Jordan answered for the Mom, “Pizza – chicken pizza – with cotton candy and macaroni and cheese.  How would you like that?”  When I said that it sounded like kind of weird food, she quickly responded, “It’s ancient China food.”


Who knew? J



Welcome back to Costa Rica!


We returned to Costa Rica on Thursday of last week and were welcomed by the customary, though heavier than normal, rains.  The photos below were taken on the way home from church within an hour of the start of the rains.  Notice that the moto's front tire (21" diameter!) is completely submerged as he tried to walk/ride it through the impromptu lake.

Whirlwind visit to the States


The month of August had us in the States for the last three weeks.  We were there to visit with 4 churches (see photo below) and various supporters as well as to welcome Meghan home from her summer in South Africa.  We had a whole 48 hours with her before taking her back to Chicago and helping her to get settled into her dorm room.  (Speaking of which, Henry got to carry a love seat up three flights of narrow stairs all by himself! )

The time was also spent "power wedding shopping" as we helped Meghan to find and book the venue for the wedding and reception, find a caterer, AND find "the dress" and all of the assorted goodies that go along with it!  We had to go back to Costa Rica to rest!!



That's right! Meghan came back from South Africa with an engagement ring and plans for a June 2011 wedding. She and Marius have been courting for 2 1/2 years, so this was not unexpected.  Still, knowing it's going to happen doesn't necessarily make it any easier.  The reality still hit pretty hard!