The Moon: It's so big and round....


It's really nice to have someone in the house with a nice camera.  While finishing up dinner tonight, I saw the moon rising and it was really clear and bright.  So, we broke out Lindsay's camera and started shooting.  16 shots later, we hit the right combination that yielded this:

Conversation with Jordan


Conversation at the doctor's office today:

Jordan:  Did you take care of me when I was a baby?

Cette:  Yes.

Jordan:  Did you take care of me sometimes instead of Meghan and Lindsay?

Cette: Yes.

Jordan:  Because you like me best?

Cette:  No, I like all three of my girls the same.

Jordan:  But, I'm the cutest.  Look at me.

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It goes under the "I'm not sure what this does, but I think I want one" subcategory: