Jordan's in school!

Jordan started "Pre-Kinder," or "pre-school," on Monday, and she did great! She's in a bilingual pre-school that's just a 5 minute drive from our home. Like most schools in Latin America, this one requires a uniform and, as you can see, she loves it (though they had to give her a size 6 because she's so big - we can blame Papa). The school calls itself "bilingual," but the truth is that Jordan's teacher speaks very little English. That's exactly what we want! Jordan's also the only "gringa" in her class, so now she'll finally be forced to USE her Spanish. (Lately, she's developed the habit of answering everyone in English, regardless of the language they speak. She understands both; shouldn't they?)


theTwins said...

AWWW She's SOOOO cute!