It's over!

Today was Lindsay’s last day of school – finally – and mine, too.  Though I’ve had a wonderful time substitute teaching at her high school these past two weeks, I’m drained!  I love teaching, especially in the Christian atmosphere of Sojourn Academy, and teaching Lindsay’s World Lit class was pure joy.  The little “diversion,” though, served to remind me that for now my work is in my home.  Jordan did well at the school’s daycare – and even better at co-worker “Aunt Norma’s” house – but she sure missed her mommy.  Every day it’s been hard to get her out the door and even harder to get her off me once we’re home.  It is nice to be loved, but one needs one’s space, right?  This time of ½ day teaching also served to affirm my decision not to take the English teacher job that was offered to me for next year.  Maybe someday, but for now I’ll focus on training up my own little one and ministering to our team and my Bible study as the Lord leads.


Now we have to get ready to leave in 5 days!  Heaven help me!