What's the rain good for, anyway?

Some of you have heard us complain about the long, dreary rainy season here in Costa Rica. Well, we finally found out what it's good for! Last week, we were able to spend 4 gloriously sunny days on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica, at a beach called "Punta Uva" ("Grape Point"). It was beautiful! This was the first vacation we'd taken in 1 1/2 years, and it was just about as perfect as it could be. What made it so perfect? For one thing, we were all together. For another, we had the entire beach almost completely to ourselves! Why? Because of the rain! The area had been hit hard by an entire month of daily rains from early November to early December, so many people had cancelled their holiday reservations. Thus the beautiful, peaceful, wonderfully quiet beach that we enjoyed! Someone remind me of that the next time I complain about the rain.